good communication starts with the right content

The Content Strategics approach results in strategic content.
Strategic content is appropriate, accurate, well-written and timely.
Strategic content is organised and discoverable.
Strategic content is managed.
Content Strategics is here to help you plan for The Right Content.

“...the best content strategists have a background in journalism and a fundamental understanding of how to tell compelling stories,” — McGee, a former TV news reporter.

Why content strategy?

Good Communication Starts With The Right Content
Content Strategics for content strategy for the right content

"In the web industry, anything that conveys meaningful information to humans is called “content.” Every website has content. Companies with three-page websites probably only need a writer. But those with hundreds or thousands of pieces of online content need someone who can stand back and figure out what all that content should communicate. They also need someone to decide how best to communicate it, who should make it, and so on—a sort of combination editor-in-chief and air traffic controller. They need a content strategist. Done well, content strategy: • Helps companies understand and produce the kind of content their target audiences really need. • Allows organizations to develop realistic, sustainable, and measurable publishing plans that keep their content on track in the long term. • Cuts costs by reducing redundant or extraneous publishing efforts, while increasing the effectiveness of existing assets. ..." — Erin Kissane in The Elements of Content Strategy

  • We understand what good content is

  • We have the patience to nurture every project to success

  • We conform to industry best-practice solutions

  • We engage our clients with integrity

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Adrian & Lana-Louise Baillie-Stewart

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A former photojournalist, journalist and media practitioner, in 2015 I founded the content strategy agency Content Strategics (Pty) Ltd. Solid experience in the visual communication of news and dissemination of media messages.

When Content Strategics helps you to create your unique content strategy, we pursue an industry best-practice process to accurately evaluate where you are, where you want to be, and sees to it that you get there.

"Content strategy is the science behind storytelling" says content strategist Chantel McGee.

McGee explains: “As a content strategist, I use data, research and my understanding of psychology to shape my client’s narrative and create content experiences tailored to the company’s target audience.”

"A content strategist plans, writes and edits content; ensures it is clear, compelling and properly distributed across web, mobile and social platforms; and adheres to a consistent brand philosophy. Day-to-day responsibilities often include creating and managing social media campaigns; monitoring engagement and analysing data, managing content marketing campaigns, implementing SEO best practices, and building strategic partnerships." — Source: MediaBistro